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What is the Coaching Program?


When you enter the coaching program choose your pathway from intense boot camp to personal trainer. Both pathways allow UE Consulting to provide services that will expedite your progress through the government maze and maintain your relationships and/or contracts.


Our contracting business coach will work with you on a weekly basis on either intense level (boot camp) or steady moderate (PT level) to guide you through the process.


  • Training on concepts, techniques, strategies and learning the jargon 

  • Analytical and comprehension so you are not chasing two or more rabbits

  • Contracting team development and cohesion

  • Government contract preparedness 

  • Planning, action steps and result (review and analysis) 

  • "Strike Oil" opportunity sourcing: finding forecasts, historical data, and current opportunities

  • Relationship and marketing guidance

  • Project management guidance

  • Training for project and contract management

  • Optimizing your business profiles and schedules to bring you more attractability.  



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